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Providence Healing Studio is a space for individuals who are looking to take their healing journey to the next level. We offer energy healing sessions and sound baths to help with physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing space for our clients.

We provide a variety of healing modalities to cater to the individual needs of each client. We believe that everyone has the power and means to heal themselves and we are here to assist you in this journey.

Initial Energy Healing Session

  • 1 hora 30 minutos
  • 200 US dollars
  • Text or Email Healing Worksheet|San Diego Mission Road|Zoom

Descripción del servicio

This initial session is where the Practitioner will conduct a deep dive into your energetic space to identify and release (with your permission) energy blocks and resistance that may be contributing to repeated relationships, fears, and/or inability to live a life you envision for yourself. If there are any specific areas of stuckness, relationships, and/or career, please let your Practitioner know what you would like to work on specifically. NOTE: On average, this initial session is about an hour, however, may be up to 1.5 hours depending on how much processing you may be able to handle. We want to make sure that we are not rushed in identifying and processing the release of energy blocks. If you’re brand new to energy healing, you might be wondering what the term even means. Scientifically speaking, energy is defined as the ability to do work. Here, the word ‘work’ has a broad meaning. Work doesn’t mean your job. It doesn’t mean mopping the floor or pulling weeds. Work is any type of activity or action. Work changes one form of energy to another. Think about this: if you have ever turned a thought into action, you’ve changed thought energy into action energy. The term energy healing is used to describe a variety of holistic healing techniques that use the natural mind-body connection to promote emotional and physical well-being. By accessing, channeling, balancing, and manipulating the body’s natural energy centers, energy healing processes may help support health. Energy healing is based on connecting the subconscious and conscious, engaging the whole person to promote health and wellbeing. Unlike the prescription medications and invasive surgeries of conventional medical practices, energy healing combines powerful physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to enable the body’s natural healing ability. Because energy healing is so simple and can be an amazing tool in anyone’s hands. Using energy healing, anyone may be able to lead a happier and healthier life. For example, the mind-body connection forged by energy healing may help you stay positive, even under tough conditions. This positivity can help you relax, stay grateful, and maintain physical and emotional wellness even when you’re stressed.

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