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Providence Healing Studio is a space for individuals who are looking to take their healing journey to the next level. We offer energy healing sessions and sound baths to help with physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing space for our clients.

We provide a variety of healing modalities to cater to the individual needs of each client. We believe that everyone has the power and means to heal themselves and we are here to assist you in this journey.

Chakra Meditation & Sound Bath

Descripción del servicio

In this session, we invite you to tap into the power of the solar plexus through this offering that incorporates meditation, relaxation, and sound healing. The solar plexus, often referred to as the "seat of personal power," is a vital energy center in our body. When balanced and harmonized, it empowers us to enhance our self-confidence, increase motivation, and manifest our goals with ease. We understand the importance of a strong solar plexus, and that's why we have developed this meditation session. This meditation session combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques to create a unique experience. Dominique will walk you through a guided meditation, tailored specifically to activate and balance your solar plexus energy while Michelle uses various sound healing instruments such as crystal singing bowls to support your state of relaxation. These meditations are designed to soothe your mind, relax your body, and help you tap into the immense power within you. We look forward to seeing you and please let us know if you have any questions. Suggestions on what to bring: You will be on the floor. Typically, guests bring items to comfortably relax sitting or lying on the floor, like: - Yoga Mat or Sleeping Pad to lay on - Blanket - you may get chilly through energy release, and sometimes the studio may get chilly - Zafu if you would like to be seated - Bolster - place under knees to take pressure off the lower back - Pillow ** If you are not able to be on the floor, please feel free to bring a comfortable folding chair.

Próximas sesiones

Política de cancelación

All healing appointments that are scheduled must be cancelled or rescheduled with 24-hour of appointment for a refund. This includes appointments where gift certificates are used for booking. There is some flexibility in our cancellation policy as we understand that emergencies happen, but remember a scheduled appointment is time reserved especially for you and when it is missed, that time cannot be used to help another person. **This does not apply to consultations or free services**

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