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Pink Calcite

Balance - Calm - Confidence - Happiness - Love - Personal Growth - Spiritual Growth

Pink Calcite

With its whisper-soft powder pink hue, Pink Calcite is among the heart based pink crystals that deals more with self-love and self-compassion over romantic love or love of others. It wants to usher in more love, gentle care, and passion and kindness (especially for yourself) into your life. It’s all about love, but not romantic love: while Rose Quartz may be the most famous pink crystal, its focus is largely on romantic love. While this is still something worth working towards, Pink Calcite’s healing energy goes many steps further, because it wants to bathe us in pure, unrelenting compassion and love for ourselves. We know our own troubles and heartaches best - who but us, then, is in a better position to soothe ourselves when we are feeling down?

Pink Calcite healing properties are often recommended for those of us who really have trouble being kind and soft with ourselves: we may have been raised to believe that softness is weakness and that only by being hard on ourselves could we be successful in life. Pink Calcite knows this isn’t the case, and that life goes more easily and feels better when you’re your own #1 supporter. Help yourself get through any bad time knowing it will pass, and that you would do best for yourself by moving back into a place of grace and love. Pink Calcite fills you with therapeutic energies of compassion, trust and safety to remind you how worthy you are of your own unconditional love. By nurturing you and helping you feel safe and protected, your Pink Calcite Point crystal helps you then find the courage to move forward.

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