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Protection - Willpower - Confidence - Boundaries


Top 3 Benefits of Malachite: 1) Protection from negativity & danger; 2) Boosts willpower and confidence; 3) Strengthens boundaries.

Malachite is a protective and empowering stone. Like a best friend who always has your back, malachite is always there, supporting you to believe in yourself and make good decisions to take care of yourself.

Malachite is strengthening to your will and confidence. If you struggle to make decisions or set boundaries with others or to take care of yourself, malachite can boost your internal sense of power and determination.

It can help people who feel fragile because of past traumas or abuse to overcome fear and recover their inner resilience. If you struggle with fear, overwhelm, or an inability to stand up for yourself or pursue the things that make you happy, malachite can help you break through limitations and create the life that works for you.

Malachite’s protective quality makes you more alert to danger, and supports you to take precautionary measures. It enhances synchronicities that can help keep you out of harm’s way.

It protects you from abuse of power by enhancing your ability to discern attempts to cross your boundaries and giving you the clarity and courage to stand your ground.

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